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Bring me a dream.   
05:24pm 05/07/2004
mood: confused
Yesterday was July 4th (boring). Just thought I might add that.

-So the point of this thread...I had an extremely weird dream last night. Well, I had two weird dreams but I am only telling about one.
-So, it was me, this weird Indiana Jones type guy-I think he was supposed to be my uncle or something-and his blonde girlfriend. Anyways, we were in this weird mansion that had cob webs and crap all over it. And there was this old bad guy living there (think of the guy that owns the playboy mansion-haha) -he kidnapped us by the way. So he locked us up on the third floor because...you know, he was bad. So we tried everything to get out. But finally we actually thought of jumping out the window of the room we were in. So we jumped down and part of the 2nd story roof was right under our feet, so we were fine. But now we had to get to the ground.
-There was this huge flag hanging, so we decided to do this weird Indiana Jones type thing and slide down the flag to get on the ground. I remember we tried it several times. But finally the guys girlfriend fell and died (well, atleast I think she did).
-So we hid on the roof and looked down and spied on the man while he was in his backyard...and finally we went back in the room. (because the Indiana Jones dude was sad)
-A week or so went by and the guy let us walk around the house (the doors were blocked by these ninja people). So my uncle(ish) person asked if he could take me to his art lesson (because we were going to run away) but the dude was like "NO. Absolutly not. I will take her."
-So Indiana Uncle left and I ran slid out the window and got to the ground by the flag. He told me he would come back for me-but he never did. Finally one of the ninjas found me outside waiting and crying and all sunburned and crap, and brought me back and locked me in the room again.
-So a few days passed and I finally got the nerve to run away (why I didn't think of this before, I don't know) So I went down the window and came down by the flag. And I ran into the forest with the flag in my hands (the top part was sharp).
-As I got deeper into the forest it turned into a cartoonish type place. And I heard people chasing after me. And I was running so fast and I was crying. I took a detour and was now running for this guy I loved (I don't know who he was). Finally I saw this bright light at the end of the forest and I was running for it. And I stopped crying and was happy.
--and then...my mom woke me up. And I was hot as hell and sweating. I was like, running in my sleep. And I felt depressed too, like I lost something.
Dammit, hopefully I finsh this dream tonight-I never have good dreams like this.

<3 Comment and tell me how weird I am. (haha)

Set Your Heart at Self Destruct

Balh blah blah   
02:53pm 30/06/2004
mood: chipper har har
New layout my friends.

Katey is over and I decorated her livejournal- Taking Back Sunday theme- bleh.

Really nothing to say. I got 3 CDs yesterday and 2 movies. WOW

You know what? ...I'm rambling-terribly sorry.

Set Your Heart at Self Destruct

Basking in the lonely river   
02:29pm 24/06/2004
mood: bored
I have been grounded.
Screw you! I'm effing bored dammit. No one called me this week.
One day I went to pick up the phone and the caller I.D. said US Navy....I didn't pick it up cause I was scared. So it turned out it was The Sergeant Major (!!!) of the Marines. WTF! My dad is good friends with him. You know, he could be friends with the president and not even tell me. All I can say is he better not enroll me in the Navy. I'm not going. End.


(I <3 you all)

2 diedSet Your Heart at Self Destruct

Shut myself off from the world   
05:35pm 18/06/2004
mood: aggravated
Ah! Dammit!
I need to get out of the house! I was pacing in my room. Walking back and forth, back and forth...it got hot. I hate summer.

So, I just noticed I have 6 journals (not all livejournals, of course). Heh Heh. I'm a journal whore.

Is my background too...pink? I don't know...it's just, you know, I like stars...and it looks like a Nebula and it sort of...appealed to me. You know?

Please get me out of here.

Set Your Heart at Self Destruct

Stare into my eyes. Rake your nails across my skin.   
03:54pm 17/06/2004
mood: bored
Summer sucks, man.
They are redoing my backyard patio and my front yard drive way. There is this dude on his knees (of course there is some sort of cement-proof crap attached to them) almost skating on the wet cement out there. It's amusing to watch. There are leaves from the trees on the cement and it is pissing the hell out of me. I don't want any leaf patterns in my new cement, dammit. I want to go out there and remove them but I might make imprints of my hands, like those movie stars do in Hollywood. Yea, so I guess this boredness is really getting to my head...all I am doing is rambling.
So yesterday Katey left (don't ask why I didn't write this yesterday). She went to dinner with Amanda because it's her birthday. I haven't wished her happy birthday yet. OOPS. You see, it seems like Amanda and I have grown apart...we are still friends, but she doesn't talk to me as much anymore. How sad. Pssh, oh well.

Saturday there was a party. Good thing I didn't go. Freaking Brian from 7th grade was there. Any person that gave me a reason to hate myself will never get an acception of their apologies from me (not that he apoligized, that piece of shit). I will be at school with him next year. He IMed me a couple months ago and started calling me a Nazi and Hitler (just like his immature self did in 7th grade) I told him to fuck off and grow up.

I hate this fucking town. It amazes me how one day a guy goes to school with a shag and call himself a "skater", then (literally) the next day he has short hair and a cowboy hat and calls himself a "cowboy".

This town is filled with scenesters. I (literally) see a new girl everyday (that has been going to my school the whole year) with a pair of torn colored fishnets and a fucking Good Charlotte or Simple Plan shirt on. Why? Because TeenPop (whatever it's effing called that they read) told them the latest thing is "Good Charlotte and the edgy rocker girl look" (something like that). "OMGZZZ! I lyke TOtaallY LOOOVE JoEl ! I wnta Marry HIimM!".
Then the other chicks, oh don't get me started on them. " I LOVE LINKIN PARK AND B2K!". Hah.
Then the guys...no comment. They are all pricks.

Whatever, I will finish later. I'm out.

Set Your Heart at Self Destruct

I'd burn alive to keep you warm   
04:49pm 16/06/2004
mood: apathetic
This is my new livejournal.
I got annoyed with my other one, please don't ask why.
I still need to make improvments so me having no friends...well, it just means I was lazy to add them/add them back. I will get to it, dammit, it's summer.

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This is nothing but a test.   
03:02pm 16/06/2004
  Testing, testing 1...2...3...okayshutup.  

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